Cevin Soling is a writer, director, producer, artist, and academic.  He produced and directed the first theatrically released documentary on education, The War on Kids, which illustrates how American public schools are now modeled after prisons and why they cannot be reformed.  The film was honored as the best educational documentary at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival and received accolades from The New York Times, Variety, and The Huffington Post, and has been broadcast on The Documentary Channel and The Sundance Channel.

Soling wrote, produced and directed The War on The War on Drugs which also received high praise from the New York Times and won awards from High Times, the Winslow International Film Festival, and the New York Independent Film and Video Festival.  Soling produced the documentary A Hole in the Head which examines the efficacy of trepanation and aired on Discovery and the Learning Channel.  He executive produced Relax, It's Just Sex starring Jennifer Tilly, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was seen on HBO and Showtime.  Soling wrote, produced, and directed Ikland, which documents his trip to northern Uganda to rediscover the lost Ik tribe, who were famously disparaged in the early 1970s as the worst people in the world.  The film won Best Documentary Content at the Boston International Film Festival and was heralded by the NY Times and other major media outlets.  He has just completed work on John Frum, He Will Come -- a documentary about a tribe in Vanuatu who worship America.

Soling is currently producing and directing Bigger than Jesus!, a documentary on the Beatles’ controversial observations on religion and racism during their tour of the South in 1966.  He is in post-production on the documentary, The Gilligan Manifesto, which addresses Cold War anxiety through the lens of Gilligan’s Island. He also produced and directed the eponymous music video for his band, The Love Kills Theory in which he composes the band’s songs, sings, and plays guitar.

As author, Soling is the writer of The Rumpleville Chronicles, an irreverent series of illustrated books.  He has written programming code and was published in the computer journal On Three. He is also the author of The Student’s Resistance Handbook.

Soling has been a guest on well over a hundred radio shows including The Lionel Show (Air America), The Joey Reynolds Show (WOR), and The Leonard Lopate Show (WNYC).  Additionally, he has appeared on national television on the RT network, The Dr. Nancy Show (MSNBC), and as a featured guest on The Colbert Report.  Soling has graduate degrees from Harvard University in Education Policy and Management and English.

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